HERE’S TO YOU MR ROBINSON: Tony Robinson at Nobbys Beach yesterday filming for his new series Time Walks. – Pictures by Jonathan CarrollTO many he is Baldrick of Blackadder fame, to some he is children’s favourite Fat Tulip and to others he is that documentary-maker from the History Channel.
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British television presenter Tony Robinson was filming in Newcastle yesterday for an episode in his next series Tony Robinson’s Time Walks.

In the ten-part series Robinson will uncover the hidden histories, characters and untold stories of some of Australia’s oldest cities, including Newcastle, while walking its streets.

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Robinson expects to be in town until Wednesday.

They have already been to Hobart, Woolloomooloo, St Kilda, Carlton, The Lanes, Bendigo and in the new year will visit Brisbane, Adelaide and Fremantle.

The series follows Robinson’s hugely successful Tony Robinson Explores Australia.

Robinson said he had always been intrigued by Newcastle and how it compared to its British namesake.

‘‘I know it’s a coal town but the idea of a Newcastle with a beach did not quite compute,’’ he said.

‘‘When a town is known for one thing there are other histories buried away in there. That’s what I wanted to learn.’’

Robinson said he hoped to teach Novocastrians about their past for example, that a convict wrote Australia’s first dictionary in Newcastle.

‘‘I do know Captain Cook, when he got here found Nobbys but totally missed the magnificent harbour behind it.’’

He said there were similarities with Newcastle, England.

‘‘It’s got the same sense of grittiness about it,’’ he said.

More than 20 years since cult hit Blackadder finished Robinson said people still called out lines to him, which was nice because the show established his career.

People also asked him about his documentaries and the ABC hit archaeological series Time Team, which created demand for his work Down Under.

Crews would also be talking to people on Newcastle’s streets, he said.

‘‘So, if they do see me please do not sneak away.’’