JAILED: Former policeman Michael Sills has had his appeal quashed.A FORMER police officer jailed for his role in the theft of $134,000 from Toronto RSL Club has failed in his bid to have his sentence reduced.

Michael Sills was jailed for three years with a non-parole period of 18months earlier this year and will be eligible for parole next May.

The Court of Criminal Appeal rejected his appeal last week.

Sills was a bankrupt gambling addict when his sister, Merrissa Sills, hid inside the club until the early hours of August 10, 2008, then removed the cash from a safe.

The money was never recovered and the club was only partially insured.

Ms Sills was previously sentenced to three years’ jail. She claimed that she received only $20,000 from the heist while her brother took the rest.

Michael Sills claimed that he only received $3800 and pleaded guilty to assisting Ms Sills after the theft and receiving some of the cash.

Ms Sills had been a shift manager at the club until she lost her job several months before the theft.

She secreted herself in a part of the club closed to the public then emerged after the club had shut.

She broke into the count room and knew where to find the combination for the safe before opening it and removing the cash.

She then opened the front door and walked to her brother, who was waiting in a car.

Michael Sills, formerly of Bateau Bay and The Entrance, was a police officer who later worked as a civilian with the force before going on sick leave.

Justice Clifton Hoeben said that ‘‘in the circumstances of this case, the sentence was modest’’.

He said the sentence was necessary due to the nature of the crime.

‘‘Given the obvious planning involved and the significant sum of money taken, of which none has been recovered, I am of the opinion that no lesser sentence than that passed … is warranted,’’ Justice Hoeben said.