COMMITTED FOR TRIAL: Christine Reed.CHRISTINE Reed, 61, pleaded not guilty in Newcastle District Court yesterday to the attempted murder of her neighbour, a 63-year-old woman, and was committed for trial.

The two women lived in a duplex in Justine Parade, Rutherford, and it is alleged by police Ms Reed had been verbally abusive towards her next-door-neighbour for several years.

The neighbour said as she was leaving her home on the afternoon of March 8, Ms Reed yelled out: ‘‘You’ll be dead.’’

Police allege that when she returned at 4.45pm, Ms Reed was armed with a large knife and a piece of brick and attacked her neighbour, striking her to the side of the head.

It is alleged Ms Reed then lunged at the other woman with a knife, towards her stomach, prompting a struggle over the weapon, which left the alleged victim with tendon damage to her fingers.

After wresting the knife from Ms Reed it is alleged Ms Reed recovered the knife and came back at her neighbour a second time, attempting to stab and slash her throat.

At one point it is alleged Ms Reed held her neighbour by the hair, to expose her throat, and slashed at her.

Police say a witness arrived and removed the knife, and removed Ms Reed from the other woman, while other witnesses called police.

In court yesterday Ms Reed, wearing dark pants and a striped cardigan, was asked to repeat her plea of not guilty to attempted murder for the judge to hear.

She also pleaded not guilty to a second alternative charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

Her trial, estimated to take five days, was set for May 7.