CELEBRATION: Blanche Coward.BLANCHE Coward has some good advice for anyone wishing to live a grand old life as she has.
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Walk, eat chocolate, have a little flutter and enjoy your dessert.

Mrs Coward can lay claim to being an authority on longevity. Why? Because tomorrow she will celebrate her 110th birthday.

The charming resident of Calvary Mount Carmel at Maitland is one of the state’s oldest people.

Barely assisted by her walking frame, or her ‘‘mighty steed’’ as she likes to refer to it, she still marches the corridors of her retirement home at an enviable pace.

When asked how she’s managed to stay so healthy and active, Mrs Coward puts it all down to genetics and keeping away from anything nastier than a good dessert.

‘‘I never thought I would reach this age,’’ she said. ‘‘I think you’re just born like this.’’

Mrs Coward said she has always walked everywhere and her doctor said her legs are so good now because her limbs have always been used.

‘‘I think walking so much has probably contributed to my good health and I love chocolate.’’

The oldest member of Legacy, Mrs Coward is socially active and enjoys attending special social functions at the local club.

She also enjoys trying her luck on scratchies and has entered the NSW Lottery since day one in 1931.

Born in England in 1901, Mrs Coward moved to Sydney with her parents and siblings when she was 12.

She went into service after school doing domestic duties including being a nanny.