LEONIE HUTCHINSONKATE Hutchinson repeatedly spoke of a mysterious wolfman and sacrifices in the years leading up to having missing daughter Leonie, an inquest heard today.

Muswellbrook Coroners Court was today told of Ms Hutchinson delving into an alternative life involving tarot cards and science fiction before taking a ‘bad trip’ on the drug acid in the mid-1990s.

School friend Leah-Maree Blackwater denied when giving evidence this morning that she and Ms Hutchinson were involved in witchcraft or satanic rituals.

But Ms Blackwater told the inquest of Ms Hutchinson’s obsession with a mysterious ‘wolfman’.

”She started talking about the wolfman, the ‘chosen one’ and sacrifices and things like that,” she said.

Her father Allan Hanlon also told the court: ”She was frightened of the wolfman.

”She described him as having long black hair and riding a motorbike and he wasn’t a nice person at all.”

The inquest is looking into the disappearance and suspected death of Leonie Hutchinson in 2001.