HONOUR: Bryan Hicks with his beloved trains.BRUCE Agland and Bryan Hicks are happy to concede they are just ‘‘two big boys playing with their trains’’.
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The pair is part of a team that has taken out a state award for their service to the Rail Motor Society, based at Paterson.

Mr Agland and Mr Hicks, along with Claire and Ted McKellar of Taree, have received Rail Heritage Volunteer Awards for their work at the society and its preservation of five rail motor diesels.

The society received three awards, the premier award being the 2011 Heritage Conservation Award for the society’s conservation of Rail Motor No. 3.

‘‘The restoration and return to service of Rail Motor No. 3 is a significant event for the rail heritage movement of NSW,’’ Mr Agland said.

‘‘No. 3 entered service with NSW Government Railways in December 1923 and has a service life of more than 60years, coming into our possession in 1984.

‘‘We are honoured and very pleased to receive this award to recognise the immense contribution of our volunteer workforce in this conservation effort.’’

Other awards received by the society for 2011 included the Lifetime Achievement Award for society secretary and life member Mr Hicks of Cardiff and the Customer Service Award for society members Mr and Mrs McKellar.

Both Mr Agland and Mr Hicks said they were proud to have saved their five diesels from the scrap heap.

‘‘They’re still motoring along nicely and they come out for events like Steamfest,’’ Mr Hicks said.

The Rail Motor Society is an accredited main line heritage rail operator and was established in 1984.

It offers rail tours throughout NSW.