KILLED: Jeffrey Ryan was killed on October 23, 2009IT was about 2pm on February 10 last year when a woman arrived at Kenneth Brooks’s Cessnock home and ‘‘threw’’ a backpack at him containing $15,000, a Supreme Court jury heard yesterday.

The woman was Helen Ryan, according to detectives who watched the exchange, but Mr Brooks later told them he didn’t know who she was or why she ‘‘threw’’ the backpack at him.

‘‘Did you ask the lady what the bag was for?’’ a detective asked Mr Brooks while he sat handcuffed in his Cessnock home.

‘‘No,’’ replied Mr Brooks.

When asked, ‘‘Why would someone do that?’’, Mr Brooks replied, ‘‘F—in’, I don’t know’’.

Mr Brooks, 47, has pleaded not guilty to the contract killing of Tamworth farmer Jeffrey Ryan on October 23, 2009.

Mr Brooks is accused of travelling to Mr Ryan’s property and shooting him in the back in exchange for $30,000 from Mr Ryan’s wife Helen.

Mr Brooks denies carrying out the shooting, the jury was previously told.

A video was played in Armidale Supreme Court where police questioned Mr Brooks after he was arrested at his Desmond Street home on February 10 last year.

Mr Brooks said that after the woman ‘‘threw’’ the bag at him, he put it on a table and someone, probably his de facto Joeleen Farrell, put the bag in a wheelie bin.

He said he saw some cash in the bag, but he didn’t search the bag.

Detective Les Wallace said Mr Brooks was found ‘‘cowering, trying to hide’’ behind a back fence when police entered the property.

Detective Wallace agreed that tyre marks found at the murder scene did not match any of the vehicles at Mr Brooks’s property and police did not find any record of Mr Brooks staying at Tamworth motels in the weeks leading up to the murder.

In an interview with police in December 2009, Mr Brooks said any suggestion he carried out the killing was ‘‘a load of bullshit’’ and when a detective accused him of it, Mr Brooks replied, ‘‘Wake up to yourself’’.

When it was suggested that he received payment from Helen Ryan he replied, ‘‘Mate, I haven’t got 10¢ to rub together’’, and he repeatedly said he didn’t know who Helen and Jeffrey Ryan were. The trial before Justice Elizabeth Fullerton continues.