CLEARED: Byun Sung-hwanJETS coach Gary van Egmond had no hesitation in reinstalling Byun Sung-hwan for the match against arch rivals Central Coast at Bluetongue Stadium tonight after the Korean was cleared of a major heart problem.

Byun was stood down from training on Tuesday after results of an electrocardiograph (ECG) test, which all players underwent in the pre-season, revealed he had left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH), or an enlarged left ventricle.

In extreme cases LVH can cause heart failure.

The 32-year-old consulted Cardiff cardiologist Geoff Oldfield on Wednesday and had more tests.

After two anxious days, Byun yesterday received the go-ahead to resume training and playing.

The Jets did not provide details of the test results, but it is understood Byun will require further treatment.

Van Egmond said the news was a relief to everyone.

‘‘He is a very popular member of the team and has been a major contributor this season,’’ the coach said.

‘‘You do not need much motivation for a derby, but I’m sure this will provide a lift.

‘‘It has been very frustrating for Byun, and this will be a huge weight off his shoulders and those of his family and friends.’’

Van Egmond said the fact that Byun had not trained this week was not a concern and confirmed the experienced Korean would line up in his usual spot at left back.

‘‘His fitness levels are very high and he hasn’t had a great deal of time out this year,’’ the coach said.

‘‘Although he hasn’t worked with the group, he has been doing a degree of exercise.

‘‘The other benefit is that Central Coast have a similar set-up to [last week’s opponent] the Melbourne Victory.