THERE’S one fig that Doug Lithgow, one of the Laman Street trees’ best-known supporters, won’t campaign for.
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The offending fig, pictured, is in West Park, Adamstown, near the Adamstown railway gates.

It’s smack-bang in the path of that traffic overpass that never gets built.

The overpass for which you would happily sacrifice the drivers and passengers of every car you’ve ever queued behind at the hated gates. In a heartbeat.

Mr Lithgow says the overpass has been on the ole drawing board since 1948.

It’s just that, despite the extension costing about the payload of one of the trains it would overpass with change for a round of schooners at the nearby Gates Hotel, no government has ever got around to it.

‘‘It would take another fig out of the city, but at the rate they’re going it could take another 50 years,’’ Mr Lithgow said.

Newcastle Herald columnist Jeff Corbett calls the crossing the Gaudry Gates, because the plan to replace it with an overpass was scrapped on Bryce Gaudry’s watch as state Labor member for Newcastle.

No hurry, though, O’Farrell government. It’s already been talked about for 60 years. Let’s leave it a bit longer, until hover-cars are invented.

Won’t need an overpass then, will we?