FRUSTRATED: Byun Sung-hwanTHE immediate playing future of Jets defender Byun Sung-hwan is on hold after abnormalities were discovered in the Korean’s heart.
Nanjing Night Net

Byun consulted Cardiff cardiologist Geoff Oldfield yesterday and is awaiting test results, most likely tomorrow.

The 32-year-old has no history of heart problems, has started every game this season and was not experiencing discomfort.

But he was stood down from training on Tuesday after results returned from an electrocardiography (ECG) test, which all players had in the pre-season, revealed Byun had left ventricular hypertrophy, or an enlarged left ventricle.

LVH can be caused by high blood pressure.

For some people, intense, prolonged endurance and strength training can cause the heart to adapt so that it can handle the extra workload.

The enlarged muscle loses elasticity and stiffens, preventing the chamber from filling properly and increasing pressure in the heart.

The enlarged muscle tissue compresses its own blood vessels and can restrict its own supply of blood.

In extreme cases it can lead to heart failure.

‘‘We are taking every precaution to ensure his health is paramount,’’ Jets coach Gary van Egmond said.

‘‘We should know the full extent by tomorrow or Friday.

‘‘If everything is all right, he will be in the team for the Mariners [on Saturday].

‘‘We just don’t know at this stage.

‘‘Once the results from the ECG came back we acted as quick as possible. We have a duty of care.

‘‘His health definitely comes first and we have to get to the bottom of it to make sure it is not a risk.’’

Byun’s wife and son live in Korea.

Jets performance manager Lee Clark accompanied Byun, who has limited English, to the specialist yesterday.

‘‘He was obviously frustrated, because he hadn’t felt sick or anything like that,’’ Clark said.

‘‘When something like that shows up, you have a duty of care to make sure everything is OK.

‘‘As far as Byun is concerned, he is right to play but the correct protocols have been followed to make sure.’’

The uncertainty over Byun has left the Jets’ left-back stocks bare.

Back-up Mario Simic is sidelined with a hamstring problem.

Ruben Zadkovich and Tarek Elrich both spent time at left fullback at training yesterday.

‘‘Ruben has played as fullback with the Olyroos, Ben Kantarovski has played in that position, Jacob Pepper is another we have been looking at and Taylor Regan,’’ van Egmond said.

‘‘We have a number of options there.

‘‘It will be just trying to work out who is the best fit.’’