THE parents of the teenager convicted of drug possession in Bali have denied rumours of a media deal.
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See tomorrow’s Herald for the full interview with the family of the Morisset Park boy incarcerated for drug offences in Bali.

The 14-year-old’s father said his son was genuinely sorry about his decision to buy a small quantity of drugs while on a family holiday

“Our son did the wrong thing – there is no denying that,” he said.

For video footage of the press conference, courtesy of the SMH, click here.

“We want people to know he is genuinely sorry and remorseful for his decisions and actions in Bali.”

“He is aware of the trouble and the effect his actions have had on us his family, his friends and the Australian government.”

It was also revealed today that Therese Rein had offered her personal support to the family during the ordeal.

“She provided enormous support on a female basis which was hugely beneficial,” he said.