Feeding grape marc to cows helps increase milk production.NEVER has a good red complemented cheese better than that which is fed to a dairy cow, according to new research.
Nanjing Night Net

Not only does feeding the stems, seeds and skins of wine grapes to dairy cows cut their methane emissions, but it also increases milk production and makes the milk healthier.

The Victorian Department of Primary Industries found that supplementing the cows’ feed with the winemaking by-product reduced their emissions by 20 per cent, which was thought to represent the largest reduction of its kind ever attained through the use of a feed supplement.

And by feeding the leftovers from red winemaking – material known as grape marc – milk production also increased by 5 per cent.

“We now know that supplementing a dairy cows’ diet with dried grape marc increases the healthy fatty acids in milk by more than six times that of standard autumn fodder,” Department of Primary Industries’ Dr Peter Moate said.

“These particular fatty acids are extremely potent in their ability to benefit heart health and are also known to help fight cancer, diabetes and arthritis.”

The discovery was also beneficial to the wine industry, which throws away about 200,000 tonnes of grape marc every year in Australia, Dr Moate said.

“We’ve managed to utilise what is currently a waste product for the wine industry and turn it into a very valuable feed source.”

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