The 14-year-old with his father at Ngurah Rai airport. Picture by Hansel NashyoA Morisset Park boy who had been in custody in Bali for two months is due to fly home to Australia this evening.
Nanjing Night Net

The 14-year-old was caught with about $25 worth of marijuana on October 4.

He was released this morning.

Bonnells Bay resident and friend Jake Horadam said he was looking forward to the teen’s return.

‘‘I’ve only just found out he’s coming home [already, but] we’re pretty happy he’s coming home,’’ Horadam said.

‘‘We’ll have something [to celebrate] in a couple of weeks.’’

The Lake Macquarie schoolboy was happy to be returning home, however he had to go through a stop at Kerobokan Prison before being taken to an immigration facility ahead of his departure.

Last week, he was sentenced to two months in prison after being convicted on one count of drug use.

Time already served made him eligible for release today.