VITAL ROLE: Scooter the Tasmanian devil at the ark in the Upper Hunter. – Picture by Jonathan CarrollLOOKING for a devil of a gift this Christmas?
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The Newcastle Herald, in partnership with the Australian Reptile Park, is launching a community campaign to raise funds for the Devil Ark conservation project.

Almost a year after it was established on a 500hectare site in the Upper Hunter, the ark is playing a vital role in ensuring the survival of the Tasmanian devil.

About 90 devils are expected to live in the sanctuary, which is free from the deadly facial tumours that have ravaged the Tasmanian populations, by the end of this year.

But while it’s good news for the devils’ future, their food and upkeep doesn’t come cheap.

It costs about $2 a day to feed a devil and $200 a year to treat it for parasites, ticks and worms. All up, it costs about $900 year to keep each devil healthy.

‘‘It’s great news that we have all these devils being born and more will be arriving from Tasmania soon, but on the other hand that impacts on our costs,’’ Devil Ark campaign manager Monique Ryan said.

A range of options can help people to support the program.

For $2000 a year you can literally adopt a devil. The package includes naming rights, plus regular updates and photos of your devil.

For those wanting to incorporate a devil’s welfare into their Christmas gift list, a devilish Christmas card might fit the bill.

‘‘The card’s recipient will receive a personalised card saying that a donation has been made on their behalf,’’ Ms Ryan said.

‘‘Companies can also make a donation instead of sending Christmas cards and we’ll provide an e-card they can send instead.’’

Support Devil Ark

www.devilark南京夜网.au or phone 1300 553 565