A BIG thank-you to the teachers, students and staff of the Newcastle Conservatorium for its open day on Sunday. This is the third year my husband and I have attended. The enthusiasm of the teachers and students is infectious and we left the Conservatorium wanting to learn all of the instruments available.

There were master classes, workshops, rehearsals and introductions to various instruments. It was easy to fill the day drifting from one activity to another. All this culminated at the end of the day with a student concert. This year, as well as the two string orchestras, it was pleasing to hear the pipe organ being played by a group of students, and we were captivated by a nine-year-old violinist who calmly and confidently played a lengthy musical composition, accompanied by a student orchestra.

Some may not be aware that the Conservatorium holds monthly free lunchtime concerts, where you can hear some of the amazing musical talents of the students. A large banner is displayed outside the building on the day of the concert. Well worth attending.

Carol Davis, Wallsend