Dijana Jokovic-Wroe with her children Deni and George, sharing their lounge with Biggles. Picture by Simone De PeakLIFE was not always so easy for Biggles, the former racing greyhound now living in some comfort in Hamilton South.
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He had a track career as Hidden Meaning, but that came to an end.

For many animals like Biggles, trained to be fast and to win, the future can be uncertain.

Biggles is part of the Greenhounds program that retrains retired greyhounds so they can become loved pets.

The Jokovic-Wroe family initially agreed to foster Biggles, but from the start he seemed destined to stay.

Dijana Jokovic-Wroe said a family of five, with a cat and a whippet dog, could pose problems for a former racer like Biggles, but his nature was sweet.

‘‘I knew he was exactly right,’’ Mrs Jokovic-Wroe said.

‘‘He is calm and gentle.

‘‘I have seen footage of him racing and it is fascinating to see the life he had before.’’

The Greenhound program helps to give the ex-racers the behavioral and social skills they need to live with people and to be exempt from wearing a muzzle in public places once they pass a series of assessments.

Mrs Jokovic-Wroe said Biggles made the transition from track to their couch with apparent ease.

‘‘There’s not a lot of barking and he’s low-maintenance,’’ she said.

Biggles gets a 15-minute walk on a leash a day.