VIOLENT PAST: Kelvin Rees.A MAN who threatened to track down a Newcastle police officer’s wife and daughter and ‘‘cut their throats’’ avoided a jail sentence yesterday after a magistrate said the officer would have had genuine fears given the offender’s violent past.

Kelvin John Rees, 46, was arrested on August 30 after he sent a number of threatening text messages to his former partner and threatened to burn her house down, a statement of facts said.

Police later arrested Rees when he tried to flee over the back fence of his Metcalfe Street, Wallsend, home.

He was sitting in the dock of Waratah police station when he told an officer: ‘‘When I get out of here I’m gonna f—ing kill you and your family. For $50 I’ll get you shot in the head. I’ll have you shot next month c—. I know your face now. When I get out [my former partner] is f—ed. I’m gonna follow you and your family one day. Wait till I get hold of your daughter and missus. I’ll cut their throats.’’

He later stood up in the dock and urinated on the floor.

Rees pleaded guilty in Newcastle Local Court to stalking and intimidation, intimidating a police officer and damaging property.

Magistrate Mark Buscombe said it was ‘‘hard to imagine a more threatening threat’’.

As well as several convictions for drink-driving, Rees had numerous convictions for assault and breaching apprehended violence orders including several jail terms.

Mr Buscombe put Rees on an 18-month good behaviour bond and an intensive corrections order for one year.