Jeff Kelly and George Hempenstall take notes as Steve Scroope does the auctioneering at the Yass Saleyards earlier this year.Followingan in-depth audit regarding the Yass Saleyards, council is poised to instigatea number of changes.

TheYass Saleyards recorded a net loss of around $53,000 this financial year,approximately $2000 more than last year.

“Councilacknowledges that the Yass Saleyards doesn’t make money, it costs us money,”councillor Michael McManus said.

“Butthe Yass Saleyards continues to provide a service to the rural community andcouncil will continue to support it until such time as a regional saleyards canget up and running.”

Followingthe death of a selling agent in Narrabri this year, the Workcover NSW audit hasdecided that council must make changes at the Yass Saleyards.

Councilwill pay $3500 to put a power line underground so it doesn’t cross the loadingramp at a dangerous height, it will put together a proper evacuation plan foremergencies, install a new $8000, two metre high fence to guard the dangerouseffluent ponds and special head gear and rodeo vests will be mandatory forsellers working in close contact with cattle. It will be the responsibility ofeach agent to provide the safety gear for staff.

ColinMedway, of Landmark Yass, said while these changes will be costly, it is thelaw and nothing can be done about it.

“Unfortunatelythere might be a few extra costs associated, but you can’t get upset about it,it’s the law and it has to be abided by,” he said.

Hebelieves council is doing a good job in keeping the saleyards up and runningand it is something they should be commended on.

“Councilis doing everything it can to keep the Yass Saleyards operating; they are beinggreat about it.”

At theYass Saleyards Management Committee meeting at the end of August, Mr Medwayalso informed attendees that the development of a regional saleyards wasprogressing well but he admitted to the Tribune that they were still “a longway off”.

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